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If you have a garage, but don’t use it to store your car, you may be wondering what to do with all the space. There are actually loads of creative ways you can use your garage, so we’ve listed some of the best below.

A gym

Installing a gym in your garage is a great use of the space. Depending on the size of your garage, you could add a treadmill, a cross-trainer, an exercise bike, free weights, exercise mats and more. However, the most important thing is to make sure that your garage floor is suitable, and resin is a great option.

Resin is sturdy and durable, so your garage will be protected against the natural wear that it will encounter when being used as a gym. Weaker and more prone to damage, we don’t recommend paint or epoxy flooring options.

An office

If your garage has adequate lighting, you could convert it into an office. This is a great solution if you are working from home but want to separate your home life from your work life. Similar to a gym, you should also use resin flooring for your office, as it is durable enough to accommodate heavy furniture like a desk, and won’t be damaged if you opt for a swivelly chair.

A music studio

A music studio is a great way to use your garage space. If you have someone in your household who likes to play music but you don’t want to hear them all of the time, why not turn your garage into a music room? As well as all of their equipment and some good soundproofing solutions, you’ll want to install some good lighting too, as they will need to be able to read their music.

These ideas are great for someone who is not using their garage in the standard way and wants to make better use of the space. Just make sure you think carefully about your choice of flooring when adapting your garage. Our own GarageTuff MMA resin may be just what you’re looking for and can transform your existing floor in just one day. At Fusion Coatings, we cover the whole of the UK, so contact us for a resin flooring quote today.