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Garage floors live a hard life. Consider the number of heavy vehicles, dirt, oil, and chemicals that the floor is constantly subjected to – it’s not a surprise that eventually they’re going to need replacing.

Here we point out a few of the tell-tale signs that might indicate that your floor is ready to be replaced – ideally, with our GarageTuff MMA Resin garage flooring!

1. Cracks on the surface

Once you start noticing cracks on your garage floor, it’s most likely past the point of repair. You can attempt to patch up the crack but it’s unlikely to last for more than a year or two.

Plus, if water manages to get into the cracks, this will do further damage under the surface, meaning you are unlikely to see the issue.

2. Pitting on the surface

Most people make use of chemicals in their garage, including petrol, antifreeze or various oils. Eventually, these chemicals can start to damage your garage floor, meaning the surface can develop holes or pits.

Over time, these pits may increase in number and size, and eventually, your floor will feel more rough than smooth. Your floor can even start to crumble completely which will inevitably get worse if you avoid sorting the issue.

3. Uneven flooring

If you notice your floor becoming uneven, it might be time to consider a replacement. For example, if your floor is beginning to sink, this could imply that the ground underneath it is settling.

If you’re lucky, the soil will settle completely encouraging the floor to stop moving, but if not, the concrete will begin to break or crack over time. As you can imagine, an uneven garage floor will also become difficult to use.

Paying attention to the key signs means that you should be able to replace the floor quickly, reducing the risk of a major renovation project being required.

Resin garage flooring is a newer, superior, and longer-lasting option to paint and epoxy.

When considering garage floor solutions, consider Fusion Coatings. We can supply and fit a top-quality MMA Resin garage floor, so don’t hesitate to contact us.