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Any new home is exciting and in the flurry of plans and possibilities, it’s easy to overlook some essential (and less exciting) aspects. Here are three crucial areas to be sure architects don’t miss when planning your new home.

Electrical sockets

Having sockets in the wrong place is frustrating, and all those trailing wires can be dangerous. Extension cables can pose an unexpected fire risk, as well as simply looking unsightly. Building your own home means being able to lay electrical circuits exactly as you want them, with sockets in just the right place to power all your favourite gadgets and appliances.


Storage is one of the most important elements of keeping your home looking great. From wardrobes and walk-in cupboards to larger areas like garages and loft space, storage is key to maintaining all those clean lines and the carefully considered flow of your home. Think about where you’ll put things like clothing, cleaning products, craft supplies and kitchen essentials as well as how to best use obvious storage spots like a garden shed or garage. By creating the right type of storage, you can create a home that can adapt and change along with your lifestyle.

Garage floor

Your garage is an invaluable part of your home and whether you use it as a home gym, storage zone, craft area, or as a safe home for your car, having the right garage flooring is essential.

MMA resin garage flooring is an anti-slip garage flooring solution. It makes your garage a safe space all year round, so whether you’re carrying armfuls of groceries, making space for a woodworking project or just coming home from a day at the office, your garage floor is safe, secure and doing its job.

Garage Tuff MMA comes with a ten-year guarantee too, and there’s no risk of peeling or degrading. You can lay the floor and forget about it, leaving you free to enjoy your fabulous new home.

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