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Due to the pandemic, working from home has become the new norm. However, with our homes suddenly becoming our new work environments, a lot of us find ourselves without the dedicated quiet space or right facilities.

Since it’s important to separate your home life from your workspace, why not use your garage?

By creating the right environment, and making sure you have all the necessities, you’ll be able to set up an office in your garage in no time. This is why we have provided 5 simple things to include in your garage office to get you started.

1. Flooring

Updating your garage flooring is the first step to creating the perfect environment for your home office. Prior to this, your garage floor probably wasn’t used on a day-to-day basis, so you’re going to need some stronger flooring.

Our own Garagetuff MMA resin flooring is the perfect option to ensure your office has a durable surface but also a stylish appearance.

Not only is resin flooring long-lasting, but it is also more protective than both epoxy resin and normal floor paint, so it will be the optimum choice when thinking about adding furniture to your garage.

MMA resin floors don’t peel and are extremely resilient, so you would have no concerns when picking the perfect wheelie chair for your new office space or when moving furniture in and out before you decide on the final setup.

2. Colour

A garage is most likely not the brightest place when it comes to your home, and this is often why people don’t make the most out of the space.

Adding colour to your garage office can be the most effective way to add a personal touch and transform the area into a welcoming workspace. Putting up decorations such as artwork can really help to give your office character and create a welcoming atmosphere.

Painting the walls or using coloured resin flooring can be the finishing touch you need and provide you with a non-slip surface that is resistant to marks.

3. Lighting

Due to the lack of natural light in a garage, it can often feel very dark. By including light in your new office, it will brighten the place up whilst also creating a comfortable and cosy space to help you relax during your stressful workdays.

Suitable lighting can make all work tasks easier, so add several lamps stationed around the room to make sure it is well lit. If you find this is not enough to make up for the lack of sunlight, install inexpensive lighting fixtures.

4. Heating

Since you want to be able to rely on your garage now for practical use throughout the year, you need to make sure that even in those winter months, it is a suitable space to work in.

Since garages don’t often have any form of heating system, the cheapest way to heat your garage is to insulate the doors and windows. Installation is simple and straightforward and will keep the cold out during those long workdays.

If you live in an area where temperatures are particularly cold, this may not be enough to control the conditions of your office. An electric heater is a great idea to keep your office warm and cosy during all seasons.

5. Furniture

The final touch to your new office is, of course, the furniture to go with it. Make sure you clear the space and clean it first. This is important as you want your home office to be neat and tidy.

Personalise your new office with a desk and chair as well as any other essentials you would need to get through a normal day’s work. A basic requirement of a home office is storage space, so you could add some filing cabinets to keep your work well organised.

If you want to create a homely feel, you could also add a sofa, rugs, pillows, or pictures. By making your garage office homely and comfortable, you will be excited to spend time there and this will make working from home something you start to enjoy.

At Fusion Coatings, we provide resin flooring UK-wide. If you’d like to arrange a quote to upgrade your garage floor, click here and our team of experts will be happy to help.