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3 ways to upgrade your garage

Many people will look at their garage as a simple storage space used for cars, building tools or overflowing belongings that don’t fit into the house. But, with the help of a few simple upgrades, your garage could become a functional extension of your house and you...

How resin flooring could revolutionise your garage

Garages are multipurpose areas of the home that get overlooked too often when it comes to renovation projects. They are an excellent place to store your car overnight, keeping it safe from adverse weather conditions and offering a higher level of protection against...

Boost your home’s value with premium garage flooring

When you're going through your home and looking for ways to increase its value, you might typically look at the roofing and walls of your home. However, one aspect that goes consistently unnoticed is the garage, and more specifically the garage floor. A good garage...

3 ways a renovation company can increase revenue on a project

Although the goal of any company is to generate revenue, many construction companies are afraid of taking risks or exploring new streams of revenue. However, in order to grow your business, you need to implement some strategies that can lead to long-term success and...

Get your garage organised: Tips to make the most of your space

Our garages often make up a sizable chunk of our home space, yet this space is always the messiest. For some reason, the universal standards for neatness and organisation at home often don't seem to apply to the garage.Many once treasured and useful items are often...

What to put in your Garage Gym

Do you want to get in shape at home? Have you thought about turning an unused garage into a gym? Having a designated room for exercising is really helpful when it comes to finding motivation for working out. Your garage gym will undoubtedly be different from the...


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