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How to Choose the Right Gym Floor Coating

If you are a fitness enthusiast, you have probably thought about having your home gym. For many, a repurposed garage or even some space in the basement makes for a perfect spot for all their fitness needs. There is one problem—concrete is slick, even dangerous. But...

3 mistakes to avoid with your garage gym floor

You’ve decided to abandon your gym membership in favour of a more long-term investment: a home gym in your garage. You’re not alone. The trend of turning your garage into a home gym is one that continues to grow with each passing year. So, whether you’re new to...

Try resin flooring for ten years of peace of mind

Resurfacing your garage floor can be a time-intensive job. Ideally, it's a job you want to be done in one day, done and dusted for as long as possible. If a durable, high-quality finish that takes one day to achieve is what you are seeking, then GarageTuff MMA resin...

5 things to include in a garage office

Due to the pandemic, working from home has become the new norm. However, with our homes suddenly becoming our new work environments, a lot of us find ourselves without the dedicated quiet space or right facilities. Since it's important to separate your home life from...

What is GarageTuff?

Are you on the hunt for strong, spill-proof flooring for your garage? GarageTuff MMA resin represents the perfect solution. We offer this robust and fully waterproof technology to help customers make the most of their garage spaces. What is MMA resin and GarageTuff?...


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