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When you’re going through your home and looking for ways to increase its value, you might typically look at the roofing and walls of your home. However, one aspect that goes consistently unnoticed is the garage, and more specifically the garage floor. A good garage floor can bring an extra touch of class to your property, so read on to find out more about premium flooring options that can easily boost your home’s value.

Why pick a special finish?

One of the most common finishes on a garage floor is, unfortunately, bare cement or concrete which has been there since the structure of the building was first finished. This is a simple enough look and it can be highly functional, but it does very little for the aesthetic and value of the garage. A concrete finish can make your garage feel extremely bare and incredibly cold, which isn’t at all attractive to prospective buyers.

By applying a premium finish to the floor of your garage, you can improve the look of your property and make it feel far more homely. This can make your garage feel a lot nicer to be in and can make it a much more attractive prospect for anyone that’s looking for a new property with space for hobbies.

What finishes are available?

One potential option is an epoxy floor. Epoxy floors are typically only guaranteed for a year and do a basic job of protecting your concrete from moisture. Additionally, epoxy flooring can look bright and professional, sprucing up the look of your garage space.

Another option you have is a resin floor. Resin flooring is far more durable and guaranteed for a decade, but it can cost a little bit more. However, this is often worth it thanks to its longevity and durability in difficult environments.

Tell me more about epoxy flooring

If you’re new to epoxy flooring, it’s made from epoxide resin, a hardener, and several other additives. When thoroughly combined, the components react to give a new finish to your floor which has a greater level of stability and sturdiness than something like paint or concrete. This can be seen as ideal for a garage floor, however, this material does have a few flaws.

One major issue that can arise with an epoxy floor is its tendency to peel when dealing with a car’s hot tyres. Whilst this isn’t always going to be an issue, the smooth and stylish epoxy finish isn’t going to look like the best asset when it’s started to peel away. As a flooring option to add long-term value to your property, epoxy could end up doing more harm than good.

Tell me more about resin garage flooring

Here at Fusion Coatings, we use an advanced resin called GarageTuff, specifically designed to act as durable and sturdy garage flooring. GarageTuff doesn’t suffer from the same durability issues as epoxy resin and will turn the barest and most unloved floors into seamless and stunning features of your garage.

Additionally, GarageTuff surfaces can last for a decade. This can be a promising feature for those looking to boost the value of their home since future buyers won’t need to replace the flooring shortly after purchase. This can help your home to hold value and will make sure that when it’s finally time to sell, you won’t need to worry about the garage floor causing your home’s value to depreciate.

The verdict

While both types of flooring will help you to boost the value of your home, a resin garage floor has very clear advantages over its epoxy rival. The far greater longevity means that it won’t need replacing for a good while, and the stunning finish means that it’ll be as easy as possible to attract buyers to your property.

If you want to improve the value of your home with resin garage flooring, get in touch with the Fusion Coatings team today for a quote. We’re always happy to help out someone in need of flooring assistance, and we can offer you a great range of help, advice and services across the UK to get your garage looking as good as it can.