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When it comes to kitting out the flooring of your home garage, it can be confusing to know where to start thanks to the number of myths circulating the internet.

The reality is that opting for resin flooring is a great solution for improving your garage – yet still, people are apprehensive.

Here at Fusion Coatings, we’re passionate about providing top-quality services for homeowners across the UK.

This is why we’re going to be setting the record straight on some of the most common myths about garage resin flooring, and what the truth is regarding our own pioneering product, GarageTuff.

Myth: DIY provides the same result

Wrong! While it’s true you might be able to get a decent result by laying down a resin floor in your garage yourself, the results won’t have remotely the same quality of finish.

For example, when you employ Fusion Coatings to lay down a coating of our own GarageTuff resin, you’re guaranteed to have a uniform, slick finish from corner to corner. No bumps, lumps, or sloppy corners.

Myth: Resin is a time-consuming coating compared to alternatives

While it is true that traditional epoxy resin can take up to twenty-four hours to dry, this is exactly the same amount of drying time as floor paint – so it really is no more time-consuming than its alternatives.

However, when you opt for Fusion Coating’s GarageTuff, you can look forward to a fantastic drying time to a walkable standard of just forty-five minutes.

This is ideal for those customers who are working to a schedule or need a garage coating done quickly.

The quick drying time also ensures that top-ups can be laid down after minimum waiting time.

Myth: Resin has a shorter lifespan than alternatives

The reality of this myth is that traditional epoxy resin offers a longer lifespan than floor paint, which really offers little longevity at all.

However, while traditional epoxy resin offers a guarantee of a minimum of twelve months, Fusion Coating’s GarageTuff offers a guarantee of at least ten years or more.

This is a great choice for homeowners looking to make long-term investments in the quality of their home, or looking to raise its value ready for selling.

You can learn more about the great attributes of GarageTuff by exploring our site, or by getting in touch with a member of the team.