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When it comes to garage floor improvements, many will typically opt for standard garage floor paint or an epoxy garage floor. Your standard garage floor paint has a limited life-span in keeping the space looking nice – typically it will flake off quickly and need regular repaints. It also doesn’t bring any particularly unique qualities with it.

Epoxy garage floor

If you’ve not heard of it before, an epoxy floor coating is essentially made from epoxide resin, polyamine hardener and other types of additives. When mixed, the various components form a chemical reaction which then creates distinct qualities to your floor, including additional stability and endurance.

For a garage floor, this is particularly ideal, given how hardwearing it needs to be to withstand daily wear and tear. Through applying an epoxy floor coating, the surface becomes sealed and cured, essentially creating a firm bond across the surface it has been applied to.

However, there’s a product on the market that tops this as even more superior…

GarageTuff MMA Resin

The GarageTuff MMA resin system has been specifically formulated to be used in garage floor installation. Not only is it uniquely hardwearing, but it can also be applied and completed within just a single day, turning even the dustiest and most unloved floor into a seamless, clean and decorated garage flooring.

When it is being installed, the GarageTuff Primer works to penetrate your existing substrate. This then creates a long-lasting bond. After this, each additional coat of GarageTuff Resins provides further curing processes, before being completed with an extremely durable garage floor coating for the final results.

This high-quality product creates such a perfect finish that you can then enjoy your garage space for multiple purposes, including as a home office, gymnasium, storage, or simply for parking your car.

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At Fusion Coatings, we supply and fit MMA Resin Garage flooring for consumers’ homes using GarageTuff. It is a premium product that outperforms both standard garage floor paint and epoxy flooring. It is undoubtedly a superior, longer-lasting option. Contact us for a quote and to discuss how we might be able to help you best. We cover the whole of the UK.