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Your garage floor is more important than you think. Most garages are attached to our properties and act as a perfect extension to our home life needs. From creating a utility room, home gym or to keep your beloved car safe from the natural elements, a garage is more than just a space to house your old tools. Creating a fresh and functional garage space has become more and more popular but keeping them dust and grime free is still a big issue. Most homeowners opt for short term paint or cheap tiles as a quick fix and soon find their garage looking tired and untidy once more. 

Choosing a floor coating such as our GarageTuff MMA resin provides an easy clean and sleek finish that is in keeping with your home’s style. Creating a showroom style garage may seem out of bounds but floor coatings are now more affordable than ever whilst maintaining their durability.  

Tough resin flooring systems enable a variety of benefits such as protecting the original concrete from the extremities of rain, snow and UV sun staining whilst creating a better appearance and durability. With easy clean properties and a 10 year guarantee, it’s no wonder MMA resin is the top choice against other options.

White, grey and black garage floor MMA resin flake for garage renovation


With so many flooring options for your garage it is easy to go for the cheapest. Underestimating the value of a functional floor for your newly revitalised garage space is all too common with homeowners. By creating storage systems, easy accessibility and a clean and durable floor, you are more likely to utilise your space with no fear of trekking in dust and grime into your home everytime and be proud of its presentable appearance.

MMA resin is a great option for high traffic garage spaces as its impermeable protective layers enable the floor to be resistant against oil, grease and mechanical spillages allowing an easy wipe down surface. As most other flooring options are susceptible to dust and stains, resin coating is a clear and easy winner when it comes to looking for a sleek, long term flooring choice; without cracks and crevices the coating seals prevent dust/powder to form.

Black and grey garage flooring MMA resin flake system by Fusion Coatings for garage renovation


Frustration can easily arise when using quick fix paint options or crack prone tiles as your garage floor choice. Needing reliable and robust garage flooring is the most important thing when choosing your option so you can avoid retouching, resealing or retiling your garage year on year when your renovation still feels like it’s in its infancy. Luckily, with resin coatings, they are easily cleaned and only become dull if not maintained properly. However, the lacklustre look can be transformed again when it is cleaned effectively and you can even request a specialist clean from most providers if you are in warranty. Most resin companies offer 10 year guarantees and can easily provide top tips for cleaning your resin coating. The beauty of it is that regular soap and water is the easiest and most effective way to keep your space sparkling.

Screed coat for MMA resin flooring for garage renovation - Fusion Coatings


Resin flooring can provide fantastic protection against a variety of wear and tear, from surface abrasions, UV damage, stains and spillages, chemicals and chipping in comparison to other flooring options. Whilst there are many resin coatings on the market, MMA resin is a clear front runner against epoxy and PU due to its monolithic finish. This means each new layer chemically fuses to the previous layer (or existing subfloor) creating a virtually unbreakable bond.

Accumulation of stains, dust and damage can arise with naked concrete flooring and can easily be avoided with our GarageTuff coating. Rid your flooring of chemical stains, surface abrasions, chipping and other wear and tear form the high traffic constant use of your garage from footfall to vehicles. Using a weatherproof flooring system can protect your concrete from being penetrated by UV,  heat, moisture, salt, snow and debris brought in by your vehicles enuring the longevity of your coated flooring. 

Now that you have all the facts you need about MMA resin, are you ready to upgrade your garage space? Contact our team today to discuss your flooring!

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