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For most of us, our homes are the largest investment we ever make in a lifetime. With this in mind, every time we renovate or refurbish them, it’s vital that any work performed must always add to their value.

While this is common knowledge, it typically conjures images of a new kitchen and bathroom. However, this prudent policy must extend to all other areas of your property as well.

The cars we drive are typically the second largest investment of our lives. This means that where they are stored should also be treated to improvements when you’re looking to add value. Less used areas of properties like garages can feel uncared for.

However, renovating a concrete or painted floor by adding an epoxy coating can be of benefit.

Read on as we explore how epoxy flooring in your garage can increase your asking price when you sell your home.


Adding a garage floor coating is an affordable way to add pounds to your property’s price tag. In short, this is because it won’t cost much to update its appearance from plain concrete or peeling paintwork with a well-presented epoxy coating.

You’ll find an extensive selection of patterns and designs to choose from, so you’re sure to find one that suits your taste.

Using a low-cost option like epoxy, you can increase the appeal of your garage with new-look flooring, improving a property’s value.

Safety and easy maintenance

Homebuyers may wish to use garage space for more than just vehicle storage. Today, many households use these areas for home gyms and hobby workshops.

Whatever purpose is planned for a garage, those looking for a new property may have safety concerns. If installed correctly, epoxy garage flooring offers a non-slip surface that can deliver adequate resistance, even when floors get wet.

Epoxy coatings also make garage floors easier to clean. Instead of coping with clouds of concrete dust when you sweep, you can easily mop flooring for a fresh finish. Easy maintenance work is never a chore, ensuring your home will never lose its value due to lack of care.


Along with making garage flooring more attractive, epoxy coatings also protect it. Compared to concrete or painted floors, a garage surfaced with epoxy will be more resilient to tire marks and spillage.

It also safeguards flooring against a certain number of cracks and chips that add up over time and can decrease the appearance and value of properties.

Epoxy products also commonly offer some UV protection. As a result, floors won’t fade when you have your garage doors open on sunny days.

Is there a better option to add value than adding epoxy garage flooring?

Epoxy garage floors can significantly upgrade plain concrete and painted flooring to add value. They offer a safer and protected surface that is easy to clean and can take some wear and tear while presenting a sleek and stylish finish.

However, it is worth noting that while epoxy coatings can look impressive, they are more of a short-term solution.

Homeowners seeking to add real and long-lasting value to their properties are advised to consider selecting resin flooring for their garage instead. MMA resin flooring allows households to enjoy every one of the benefits listed above delivered by epoxy, but for much longer.

A premium product, GarageTuff MMA resin has been proven to outperform both epoxy flooring and conventional garage floor paint. When researching protective products, you’ll discover that epoxy floors usually ship with a 1-year guarantee, while the MMA resin floors our teams install are guaranteed for 10. Additionally, unlike painted floors and those coated with epoxy, professionally fitted high-quality resin flooring will not start to peel when you drive over it with warm tyres.

Are you ready to add value to your home?

At Fusion Coatings, our GarageTuff MMA resin system is designed for specific use in providing hardwearing floors for the garage environment. Combining our dependable built-for-purpose products with the skills of our expert installation teams, we deliver garage flooring nationwide that is second to none.

Regardless of where you’re based in the UK, if you’re ready to install a solution you can rely on and add value to your home, get in touch with us today and our dedicated team will be happy to help arrange a quote for you.