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Fusion Coatings GarageFlow is an easy to apply water dispersed epoxy coating designed for garage concrete floors. GarageFlow has properties to provide a hard wearing protective silk finish which is easily cleaned and is available in a range of colours.

Environmentally Friendly

With the resin being water based it is Environmentally friendly so no need to worry about harmful fumes.

With the product designed to be easy to apply it is the perfect choice for DIY users with little or no experience in floor coatings, also there in specialist equipment required to carry out the installation.

Here at Fusion coatings, we know how passionate a lot of people are about their garages and how precious your time is, so we have put together a installation kit using our experience to enable you to transform your garage floor in two days.

Why spend time going out to buy all the products required for your installation when we can deliver them with the resin all in one box to your door?

What is included in our kit:

Chosen amount of Resin & Hardener.

1 x Paint Scuttle

1 x Extendable Roller Pole

1 x Roller Arm

2 x Roller Sleeves

2 x Paint Brushes

1 x mini paddle mixer

1 x Roll of Masking Tape

1 x Plastic Dust Sheet

2 x Pairs of Disposal Gloves

1 x Degreaser

See the shop page for available colours.

How to Apply GarageFlow coatings


Preparation of the area is extremely important we advise that you  remove any existing coatings, the substrate must be dry and free of all contaminants such as grease or oil. Inadequate preparation may lead to loss of adhesion or product failure. We advise the area be vacuumed before application to remove any dust or dirt. Preparing the floor mechanically is always advised (grinding) however if that is not possible please use our Degreaser product.


We advise when applying this product, the ambient temperature is at least 9°C.


  1. Pre mix the coloured product before use
  2. Pour 100% of your part B tin into part A
  3. Mix resin components together with a drill and paddle for 2 minutes
  4. Pour content into a paint scuttle
  5. Immediately begin applying your paint with an epoxy roller frame and sleeve
  6. Use a brush around the edges
  7. Apply as thinly as possible
  8. Once coat one has been applied leave 8-24 then apply second coat

Product Data

AppearanceProfessional Silk Finish
Thickness90 microns per coat
Curing time for pedestrian traffic 24 hrs
Coverage Rate (Minimum of 2 coats)9m2 per KG 9 (Approximate)
Working time before cure starts60 mins

Useful Information:

  • This product is NOT UV stable therefore will discolour when exposed to sunlight.
    • This product can NOT be split. Taking smaller quantities from each tin, even if measured correctly, may cause issues with activating. The resin formula is chemically manufactured to work efficiently and effectively based on the exact amounts supplied in full tins for parts A & B.

Please note: GarageFlow  Bundles are sold as complete sets, individual units may not be returned or refunded.


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