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When searching for garage flooring solutions, you need to consider several factors which will influence the final purchase. The most common flooring options for you to consider are floor paint and epoxy, however, resin-based solutions boast many benefits that outperform these.


Resin garage flooring is designed at the chemical level to last in a harsh environment. Unlike other rooms in a house, the garage is exposed to the elements and so often has elevated moisture and lowered temperature levels.

Even in low temperatures of up to minus 25 degrees Celsius, resin flooring will not fracture.

This fracturing would allow water droplets into the newly formed cracks, weakening its structure and enabling the build-up of dust and other particulate matter.


This dispersion of material from the garage can often find its way onto a person’s shoe, which is then transported into the house, getting lodged in the carpet and floorboards.

A garage is also a place where an abnormally high amount of dust and dirt can build up because of its regular exposure to the outside and nature of use.

This dirt causes scratches and abrasions on wooden flooring that are costly to remove and allow grime to build up, which leads to discolouration.

Cleaning dirt and grime from carpets and flooring often require methods that involve sanding or abrasive cleaners, both of which are ultimately harmful in the long term.

A garage with a resin floor acts as a barrier from this sort of damage, protecting the home by allowing you to easily sweep and clean the floor regularly without the worry of water or moisture damage.

A concrete floor, on the other hand, is much more difficult to clean. Over time, the concrete chips away with use, leaving behind particles which are almost invisible to the eye and can make their way into your home.

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