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If you’re a property developer, then increasing new buyer satisfaction ratings is your number one priority. However, a recent survey showed that only 49% of new home buyers responded as ‘very satisfied’ with their home’s overall quality. So, there’s plenty more work for property developers to increase customer satisfaction.

One option you might not have considered is enhancing your garage flooring. As an often overlooked area of a new build, a resin garage floor can instantly improve your construction project’s aesthetics and quality. Let’s take a look at some ways our resin garage flooring can help increase your new buyer satisfaction ratings.

Communicating high-quality

While garage floor paint has low resistance to everyday garage spills like oil and often no guarantee, our MMA resin garage flooring solutions come with a 10-year guarantee. This long-term guarantee is because our GarageTuff resin has excellent resistance to moisture, temperature and everyday wear.

So, when potential buyers browse your home, our enhanced garage flooring offers a unique talking point, communicating your build’s high-quality and long-term durability.

Increases the home’s aesthetic appeal

Along with being of higher quality than both paint and epoxy, resin garage floors offer a superior aesthetic appeal. We provide a range of different decorative colour blends, so your clients can even customise their new property around their style. What’s more, the resin’s durable coating makes it easy to clean and highly resistant to tyre marks.

Plus, our resin flooring is hassle-free for property developers, taking less than one day to install and reach full strength. Which, when compared to the potentially seventy-two hours it takes for epoxy flooring to set, makes resin the time-efficient option.

It creates a versatile space

With a high-resistance and aesthetically appealing garage floor, you can market your garage space as a versatile one. New buyers can turn it into an extra home office space, or even a garage gym floor for home workouts.

We offer housing developers, landlords and estate agents partnerships, ensuring you get the best deal for your clients.

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