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Developing a property needs more than a top-notch understanding of the practical side; it needs a sound understanding of how people use their space, both now and in the future. Being able to offer space that is easily adaptable is vital for maximising and maintaining profitability, which is why a garage floor upgrade is so important.

Garages are so much more than a storage space

The latest figures from the RAC show that around 36% of homeowners use their garage as a hobby or workshop space and 8% of UK householders have converted their garage into a gym. In fact, just 38% of households use their garage as a space to keep their car. With the recent increase in home-working, having built-in flexibility is fast becoming a development essential.

What sort of garage floor should I choose?

There are several options for garage flooring, from the traditional, such as concrete or epoxy resin, and more advanced garage floor solutions, such as MMA.

What is MMA?

MMA stands for methyl methacrylate resin. This is an exceptionally durable resin floor that is known to have premium bonding qualities and strong compression resistance. It’s ideal for high traffic areas like a garage and adaptable enough to cope with high impact use. This means the floor will cope with being part of a gym conversion, or the extra footfall of a workshop or office space. The MMA flooring installed by us and our partners goes by the brand name GarageTuff.

Is GarageTuff better than ordinary resin?

GarageTuff and other MMA flooring offer several improvements over traditional garage flooring such as resin. Because it has stronger bond capabilities, there is less risk of it peeling or degrading, so the area stays looking good for longer. It’s also more effective as the first layer of damp proofing, making it a preferred choice for householders who need their garage to be a workshop, hobby space or office.

Increased sales appeal

As well as bringing a host of practical benefits, GarageTuff comes with a ten-year guarantee, something that is bound to appeal to anyone seeking to make your development their home or investment. MMA offers an attractive, seamless finish transforming the garage from a simple storage space to somewhere with potential for work, rest, or play.

Choosing an MMA floor like GarageTuff means being able to truly sell the flexibility of your development, and things like a ten-year guarantee create a strong sense of quality; all of which go to improve saleability and increase profit.

Are there any downsides to an MMA floor?

From a developer’s point of view, the most significant downside is the higher cost of MMA garage flooring, and in an industry where every penny counts, it can be tempting to shave costs on areas you may consider less important. The extra cost is offset by these benefits:

• MMA flooring is durable
• MMA is quick to install so installation costs are lower
• MMA has a ten-year guarantee, so householder confidence is higher
• MMA offers flexibility of use so householders can adapt the space to their needs
• MMA offers superior chemical resistance – ideal for workshops and hobbies
• MMA is a more effective damp proof primer

Can I install MMA myself?

MMA needs specialist knowledge for installation. Our teams across the UK are specially trained to deliver the very best results. Using an expert means top-quality installation and maximum performance. Expert installation by a trained professional takes just one day, meaning you get the benefits of a seamless, decorative garage floor in next to no time.

Book a quote?

Fusion Coatings offer GarageTuff MMA installation throughout the UK. Our expert team can talk you through your options and are happy to answer any questions you have about the product, the installation process, or the ten-year guarantee.

To find out more about GarageTuff MMA flooring, visit our contact page. We’ll organise a time to visit and give you a quote, so you can see how a GarageTuff MMA floor can be a profitable part of your development.