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Garages are multipurpose areas of the home that get overlooked too often when it comes to renovation projects.

They are an excellent place to store your car overnight, keeping it safe from adverse weather conditions and offering a higher level of protection against thefts or break-ins.

Also, they are often used for other purposes, such as workshops, gyms or art studios.

Therefore, the functionality and look of your garage are extremely important. For these reasons, choosing the right garage flooring at your property is crucial.

Having resin flooring fitted in your garage could revolutionise the use of your garage, offering durability, long-lasting wear and a substantially improved appearance.

What is resin garage flooring?

Our resin flooring is a premium product that is hard-wearing, long-lasting and offers a stunning appearance. Garagetuff is suitable for use in garages and is highly resistant to moisture.

It also boasts excellent resistance to common garage spills such as oil and grease, ensuring that your flooring stays in optimum condition for longer.

Here are some of the primary benefits that a resin floor can bring to your garage:

No more peeling or wear

As resin flooring is designed for heavy-duty use, you will not experience peeling or wear when you choose this type of flooring for your garage.

Durable resin flooring is excellent for a multitude of uses, including the ability to withstand hot tyres when you arrive home from your journey and park your car.

Due to its sturdiness, it is extremely resistant to tire marks so you will not suffer any dreaded blemishes to your garage floor. This allows the floor to stay fresh looking and in tip-top condition.

Improve the aesthetics

Are you tired of the old, worn look of your current garage flooring? If so, a new resin floor can transform your garage into a brand new space. The attractive appearance of resin flooring makes it suitable for other uses than just storing your car.

If you want to use your garage as a home gym, an art studio or even as a workshop, resin floors deliver flexibility and versatility, allowing you to utilise the space however you want, whilst simultaneously enjoying the pleasant aesthetics that have been created by your new flooring.

It is available in a variety of different colour blends, meaning that you can adapt your garage to your personal tastes and end up with a beautiful finish that will impress your family and friends.

Prolonged usability

Resin floors are designed to last, and that is why we offer a ten-year guarantee on our resin garage floors.

Their long-lasting durability makes them suitable for heavy-duty use on a daily basis. This is even more advantageous when your garage is in constant use and you do not want the flooring to wear or chip.

This offers substantially greater benefits than paint or epoxy as the latter generally offers an average guarantee of just one year.

Minimise the disruption

It can be easy to procrastinate when you need a new garage floor due to worries about disruption. However, one of the significant advantages that is offered by a resin garage floor is the lack of upheaval involved.

This hard-wearing flooring can be fitted in just a single day, meaning that your routine can continue smoothly with no disturbances.

Even more importantly, you will be able to walk on your garage floor only 45 minutes after each coat has been installed, ensuring that your garage is not out of action for long periods of time.

In contrast, with paint flooring, your garage would be off-limits for an entire day. With epoxy resin, you could potentially be looking at a three day wait.

Thanks to Garagetuff’s anti-slip properties, you will receive extra protection in the event of grease or oil spills.

Offers wider advantages

The benefits of revolutionising your garage floor can extend to wider advantages for your property. Recent research has found that Garages are instrumental in increasing the value of your home.

If you decide to sell your property or you have a buy-to-let property that you want to put on the rental market, you could net a substantial profit from improving the look and functionality of your garage.

For high-quality resin garage flooring, contact us today and our friendly team will help you arrange a quote