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Your garage can be a real asset to your home if you know how to use it properly and a multi-purpose garage layout can be a great solution for busy families. Many garages are just ignored, used to keep the car safe, or crammed with unnecessary stuff. However, with more of us spending time at home than ever before, it’s worth taking the time to transform your garage into an effective multi-purpose space.

Storage Space

Your garage will probably still be needed as a storage space, so try using some clever space-saving storage solutions so you can always find what you need easily. Take a look at some online garage hacks, like clever PVC pipe drill holders, bungee rope ball holders and pegboard organisers. Try and utilise hanging space. Make sure your multi-purpose garage also gives you the space you need to complete any DIY projects too by storing power tools effectively.

Workout Area

If fitness is a priority, one great way you can use your garage is as a workout space. While we are all exercising at home, you may already be using your garage as a workout space, or as storage for your exercise bike, weights or rowing machine. You could set up a yoga area with a mat and wall hangings if that’s more your vibe. Make sure to get the correct flooring like our unique GarageTuff flooring solution so you can exercise safely on a durable high-quality floor.

Chill Out Space

A garage can also be used as an additional living space if you need a bit of privacy and quiet time away from the house. If you have space, an old sofa and a TV can turn your garage into a games room, a cinema, an entertaining space or a little hideaway. Add some nice cushions, throws and pictures to make it more homely.


Many of us use our garages as a home working space, especially if we need some quiet space away from everyone. Connecting power to your garage gives you a whole range of home-working options, whatever your field. You could even consider a fold-down desk which can fold back and take up less space.

A space that works for you

If you want to utilise your garage space effectively it may be worth considering a multi-purpose garage layout with a durable multi-purpose floor and a clever design. At Fusion Coatings we cover the whole of the UK, so contact us to arrange a resin floor quote for your garage today.