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For many of us, our garage is a space that doesn’t receive much love or attention. Too often, garages are simply used as spaces to store junk and cars and have no real function of their own.

However, a garage is a great sized space and can actually be transformed into an entirely new room.

If you need some extra space in your home and want to transform your garage, we’ve got some great tips for you.

Update your flooring

The first step to repurposing your garage is to update your flooring. Many garages have bare or painted concrete flooring.

While this may have been suitable when your garage was a junk room, it will need to be changed for you to make the most of your new room. Our GarageTuff Resin flooring is a superior and long-lasting alternative to paint and epoxy.

A key benefit of our resin garage flooring is that it is guaranteed for ten years, while epoxy floors are typically only guaranteed for one.

Resin is weather-resistant and has great resistance to moisture, meaning it is perfect for garages.

Deciding its purpose

There are many options when it comes to transforming your new garage. One of these is to use the space to create a home gym. With the rising expense of gym memberships and the increasing advice to socially distance, home gyms are on the rise.

Creating a home gym is fairly simple. Once you have updated your floor, simply purchase the equipment you need. The great thing about a home gym is that you can customise it to include only the machines that you actually use.

A new office or study area?

Another great way to repurpose your garage is to turn it into a home office, study or workspace to finally commit to that passion project.

If you’re now working from home but don’t have a dedicated workspace, why not consider using your garage?

After a lick of paint and some new furniture, your garage can become an excellent private workspace or hobby area. Add some personal touches such as photos and ornaments and you’re ready to go.

If you need to change your garage flooring, Fusion Coatings can help. We supply and fit MMA Resin garage flooring for homes throughout the UK. For more information, contact us today for a quote.