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DIY projects have become increasingly popular over recent years, especially for homeowners who are economising. However, DIY may not always be the most cost-effective choice. Below we will discuss and compare the differences between DIY and professionally installed resin garage floors.

Popular garage floor choices

The two most popular choices for garage floors among homeowners are paint and Epoxy. While they both certainly have their own advantages, are they really the best options?


Epoxy is popular for garage floors because it is durable and can withstand high amounts of traffic. However, Epoxy generally only comes with a 1-year guarantee.


Many homeowners choose to paint their garage floor as it boasts great benefits, such as being one of the cheapest ways to give your floor a new aesthetic appeal.

Although, painted garage floors will begin to peel and crack after some time, which can be a huge letdown. After plenty of use, the warm tyres will begin to crack the paint beneath, giving the homeowner the job of re-painting.

Simply put, there has got to be a better alternative out there. This is where resin garage floors come in. Resin flooring is a longer-lasting option, as it is extremely resistant against frequent ‘wear and tear’ such as the heat from hot tyres and heavy objects.

Resin is a great choice for any homeowner who does not want to consistently touch up the paintwork. Additionally, our resin floor system has a 10-year guarantee.

Preparation is key

Whether you are an amateur or professional, preparation is the key to success with any project. To achieve a lasting result, you need to know the starting points and the important indicators of a successful installation.

First, you need to make sure that the surface area is clear and clean. You will then need to repair any existing cracks in the concrete before installation. If you are completing this project alone, remember that without the right equipment resin floor installation can be very time-consuming.

A professional resin garage floor installer will be armed with the required power tools and equipment. More than likely, a professional will use a shot blast to prep the surface for the coat of resin – this process ensures that the pores of the concrete are ready.

Once this process has been completed, the moisture levels in the concrete need to be tested. If you fail to check the moisture levels correctly, the chances of your DIY resin floor having the perfect result are slim.

DIY – Choose quality products

The products needed for a DIY resin floor are affordable and provide straightforward instructions. If you are opting for the DIY route, you need to make sure that you are purchasing the best quality products for the job and have plenty of time to dedicate to the project.

Installing a resin garage floor does not need to take weeks. With our GarageTuff MMA resin system, you can transform your dull garage floor in just one day.

It is important to know the product you are applying is of great quality. We offer the perfect DIY option with our GarageFlow kit that comes with everything you need. Check out our GarageFlow kit for detailed instructions on how to achieve successful results.

Professional installation, long-lasting results

Unfortunately, most amateur homeowners do not have the specialist equipment that is needed for this type of project. Researching, sourcing, and hiring the correct equipment can be time-consuming and expensive, so why not hire a professional to do the job?

A professional resin garage floor installer will want your garage floor to last for many years to come. While hiring a professional may be more expensive, it will give you the result you desire the first time.

A trained professional will know how to choose the right products and cater for any variables such as the condition of the concrete. Experience and knowledge are key when you want excellent results.

At Fusion Coatings, we offer coverage across the whole of the UK. Get in touch with our expert team for a quote for your resin garage floor today!