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With Covid-19 forcing many of us to spend long periods at home, and at the same time, closing down our usual gyms and sports centres, we’re hit with a double whammy – stress and frustration piling up and no easy way to let off steam.

As we all know, at times like these, we need the mental and physical release that a good workout gives us even more. Not less.

Home office v home gym?

As Lockdown 2.0 kicks in, spare rooms, kitchens and dining rooms all over the country are being hastily turned into makeshift office spaces and the backgrounds cleared for those important Zoom video calls.

There isn’t much space left anywhere for that exercise bike, rowing machine, stepper or weights.

With so many of us faced with the same problem, it’s not surprising that thousands of people are hitting on the same idea to keep their mental and physical health in good shape while Covid-19 keeps us locked down. And like all great ideas, it’s pretty simple.

Is your house hiding 260 sq ft of space?

Many homes have a garage. Some are used to keep the car in, others to house everything from storage boxes to lawnmowers, bikes and even model railways.

We rarely see one completely empty. If we did, we might be surprised to see how big the space is.

The average garage size is around 12 feet wide by 22 feet long – or over 260 sq ft. More than enough, in fact, to put together a decent gym.

Get fit on the floor

A good tidy up and a coat of GarageTuff resin on the floor will transform that crusty old concrete into a clean, durable surface that’s perfect to roll out your yoga mat on.

Add some cool lighting, a sound system and your workout equipment of choice and you’ve got the basis of your own private gym.

It doesn’t take much to get started – a mat, a simple stepper and a few weights are all you need to kick off and build up a sweat. You can always add other kit later, from the money you save from those gym memberships.


And if you do need the garage for the car in between workouts, the GarageTuff coating is totally fit for the job. Unlike ordinary paint or epoxy-based products, it won’t peel or be damaged, even by warm car tyres.

So it’s a win-win. For that new you, just start from the floor up.

At Fusion Coatings, we install GarageTuff throughout the UK, so get in touch for a quote today.