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To make it easier for you to decide whether to choose an MMA or epoxy resin garage floor, we’ve come up with the answers to some of our customer’s FAQs.

What is MMA?

MMA, an abbreviation of methyl methacrylate resin (you can see why we shorten it now), is a strong, durable resin that has been specially formulated to allow for speedy installation. It’s so effective that you can have a brand new garage floor in as little as 45 minutes.

What makes an MMA garage such a great choice?

As well as the obvious positives of a rapid installation time, MMA demonstrates superior bond capabilities and significant resistance to compression. These properties make it perfect for a high impact area like a garage, especially one that is being adapted to offer that all-important home gym.

Is MMA expensive?

MMA is a more expensive product than older solutions such as epoxy resin. This expense is easily offset by lower installation costs, thanks to reduced installation time, and the confidence brought by a ten-year guarantee.

Sounds great! But there must be drawbacks?

We’ve been working with MMA for several years and we haven’t encountered any significant issues. The product does have a strong smell while it’s being laid, but any taint is easily avoided by ensuring sufficient extraction at installation.

Do I need to hire a specialist for my MMA garage flooring?

MMA is a specialist substance, so it’s essential that you hire someone who’s properly trained in MMA installation. This way you know the product will be laid correctly and minimise any safety risks.

Is MMA really that much better than an epoxy resin garage floor?

As well as the speedy installation time, MMA delivers almost double the compressive resistance of a standard epoxy system. It also has far superior chemical resistance as well as being a more effective primer for damp proofing.

How can I book a quote?

We install MMA garage flooring all over the UK so just get in touch and our friendly team will answer any questions and help you organise a quote.