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Fusion Coatings Partnerships

At Fusion Coatings, we’re constantly looking for new partners to work with, to help us get our range of innovative resin-application services and high-quality resin products out to new customers.

Fusion Coatings partners work with us to provide a mutually beneficial platform, allowing the opportunity of increased revenues and a broader market share. We’re looking to work with businesses across the UK that market their services directly to homeowners. This may be, for example, property developers, landlords, estate agents, carpet fitters and flooring specialists, to name but a few. We’re always keen to identify new opportunities.

What does our partnership program look like?

At Fusion Coatings, we have two distinct levels of partnership that make up our partnership program.


Referral partners

As a referral partner, Fusion Coatings will pay you a referral fee for each successful lead. That is a lead that can be converted into a completed project. The referral fee will be consistent and agreed on before the partnership is established. This can offer your business a consistent path to an additional reliable income stream.

Full partnership

With a full Fusion Coatings partnership, you will be able to establish your own profit margin and market our services directly to your customers. We will offer the ability for you to market our services to your customer base and reap the appropriate rewards. We can provide you with an extensive amount of background support, to ensure your business can effectively market our products and services, allowing you the profit without the effort.

What do you stand to gain?

The simple question is, what’s in it for you? Put simply – a lot!

You have access to a brand new source of income when you partner with Fusion Coatings. You will be able to provide a whole new service to your customers and do so safe in the knowledge that the work is being carried out to a high standard by reliable professionals. Our hard work under your brand name will further improve your brand image.

For more information, or to discuss in detail how Fusion Coatings can help you, contact us at sales@fusioncoatings.co.uk today!



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