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After a long search and comparing the various garage flooring options, you must have settled on MMA resin flooring. That’s a great choice because it usually comes as a two-part chemical product that hardens into a floor coating. When you are careful with the application process, it will last you at least 10 years on your garage floor, making it an excellent choice for many homeowners who don’t want to worry about painting the floor after two years.

However, preparing the concrete for the resin chemical application is an essential part of the job, and it is also the most challenging to do correctly. Each garage and its preparation requirements are unique. Some floors already have previous installations that may need to be removed before grinding the concrete surface to accept a new MMA resin flooring.

Cover the Walls

While applying resin, tape plastic sheeting all around your walls and leave it extending down at the bottom to protect your walls; make sure to leave a slight overlap between the sheets so that the resin won’t bond to the plastic. 

Once your floors are dry, remove the plastic sheeting and any baseboards to have enough space to apply the resin against the walls without worrying about painting over them with a brush.

Remove Dirt, Debris, and Dust

Sweep the floors to get rid of dust and debris. There are vacuums and mops, but you wouldn’t get all the dust and debris in the cracks and corners even if you used one. If there are any solid wastes or stains on the floor, use a stiff brush to scrub them away.

Smoothen the Concrete

The process is pretty simple: an industrial-grade grinder rubs down the floor until the surface is completely level. The grinder uses diamond plates to maintain a level of durability hard enough to withstand years of heavy use. After the machine is turned on, the only thing needed is to push and sway it back and forth while it grinds. The back-and-forth motion ensures that no circles are left after the grinding.

Take Out All Items and Fixtures

Removing items and fixtures is a step you need to take when beginning your MMA resin flooring project. Remove everything from the garage floor surface, including the shelves and anything of value. The grinding process that hardens the resin doesn’t create much dust, but you want to avoid taking any chances with valuable items.

Open the Floor Like This

You can start the diamond grinding process once the floor is spotless and everything is out of the way, including oversized, heavy items, small appliances, and furniture. A regular two-car garage is 400 square feet, so you can usually grind the floor’s entire surface in two hours. 

This process uses a thin layer of concrete dust to create an adhesive bond between the concrete and a resin coating. Without this, the flooring will not bond to the concrete properly, and damage can occur over time and during use.  You will want to pre-clean your slab with a pressure washer or broom unless you dive right into the diamond grinding process.

There are multiple ways contractors prep concrete, including acid etching, concrete grinding, and shot blasting. Still, it’s better to use an industrial grinding machine because it’s the best way to do it and opens up the entire slab.

In Conclusion: Hire MMA Resin Flooring Experts

Getting your surfaces ready for MMA resin flooring is the most crucial step to ensuring you get a smooth texture and durable outcomes. Before beginning, ensure you’ve researched the possible options and found one that will bring the best results for your floors. If you’re unsure of what to use, it’s always better to involve professionals who can assess your situation and recommend the best solution.

That’s why you should always contact Fusion Coatings for MMA resin flooring in the UK! We’re a leading specialist installer of superior MMA resin garage flooring with rapid set application and installation. Book a call with us now so we can guide you through the process!