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Making improvements to your garage flooring is a rewarding task that so many have opted to take on.

There are various reasons as to why you may want to start using garage floor paint – you may want a garage gym floor suitable for your workouts, or simply a better garage floor solution that is more efficient – and there are many benefits to doing so.

Therefore, we have put together these five crucial tips to help you prepare for painting your garage floor as effectively as possible.

Prepare your workspace

The first and, arguably, most important tip for painting your garage floor is to ensure that you have thoroughly prepared the space in which you are set to paint.

You will certainly have to remove any objects that are on the floor where you are going to paint. You can leave items on shelves or hang them on the walls so long as they don’t prove invasive when you begin painting.

It is also advised that you remove any existing coatings, along with any residue such as oil, grease, dust or rubble. Properly preparing the floor will lead to optimum effectiveness of the paint and avoid any adhesive or durability issues.

Have the correct tools

A further key element of being prepared is making sure you are fully equipped with the right tools. Painting your garage floor can be a challenging endeavour, but having the right tools for the job will make it much easier to complete. Aside from your chosen paint, you will likely need:

– A plastic mixing bucket to put the paint in.
– An electric paddle mixer should you need to mix resin and hardener together.
– A paint scuttle to make use of rollers much easier.
– Roller frames (potentially an extension pole) and brushes for the applying of the paint.
– Gloves and apron, or fully covered clothing, to reduce harmful contact with the skin.

Know your drying times

Before painting your garage floor, you must be aware that it will need to be empty for a specified amount of time, and this will all depend on the paint you choose.

Some floor paints can be walked on or given additional coats after a 24 hour period, whereas an epoxy garage floor could take up to 3 days.

However, if you were to opt for our MMA GarageTuff resin garage flooring, it will only take a mere 45 minutes.

All this being said, it is wise to figure out a place that is suitable to store all the stuff in your garage for whatever length of time you need before it can be returned to the newly applied flooring.

Choose the best garage flooring

As mentioned above, three main types of paint are most popular amongst people looking to renovate their garage flooring.

The first is simple floor paint. Although it is amongst the easiest to apply, it’s often short-lasting as it has very poor resistance to weather, moisture and spillages.

For this reason, we would recommend our GarageFlow epoxy resin. This is very easy to apply, making it perfect for DIY users who may not be overly experienced in flooring.

It is also much more durable than floor paint and is water-based, so it is environmentally friendly.

However, paint is not necessarily the best overall option. Our MMA GarageTuff resin is a superior, longer-lasting option to both floor paint and epoxy.

The specialist resin is applied to your garage surface and greatly outperforms any paint on the market. It has a guaranteed lifespan of ten years, whereas epoxy is only guaranteed for one year. Floor paint is even less.

GarageTuff is also extremely weather and UV resistant, and it doesn’t peel when exposed to warm tyres as paint does. If longer-lasting and highly effective flooring are what you desire, then GarageTuff is the perfect alternative to paint for your garage floor.

Pick the perfect colour

Once you know what paint you are choosing, the final tip, and possibly the most enjoyable, is finding the perfect colour for your garage floor.

You may want a neutral colour to gently blend with whatever surroundings in your garage, or you might want to make a statement with a brilliantly bold colour that really catches the eye. Whatever your vision, We have a wide range of amazing colours available with GarageFlow, available in our store.

If these tips have inspired you to start looking for your new garage flooring, contact us today. We have UK-wide coverage, and our experienced team will be happy to assist you.