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What kind of floor coating could you want for your garage? While going for bare concrete or paint is the more go-to option, there are other coatings out there that could provide better protection to your garage floor. MMA resin floorings are one of the top options that offer a wealth of benefits to your space, including good looks and long-lasting durability. Here are a few of the top reasons why you might consider an MMA resin coating of your garage:

1. Durable and Consistent Look

Have you walked into a friend’s garage and noticed the beautiful, shiny floor? What makes it so shiny? It’s the resin coating that’s been applied to the concrete. It’s highly durable and consistent, making it ideal for a garage floor that’s going to be used every day. In fact, it can withstand even the most demanding vehicles that you park in your garage.

Our own Garagetuff MMA resin coating is guaranteed to last you for 10+ years. This is quite a bit longer than the lifespan of regular paint, which has no guaranteed lifespan.

2. Protection Against Lifting and Peeling

Have you ever noticed how the edges of your garage door have a lifting pattern once the paint has been chipped? This annoying chipping is what happens when the chemicals of the paint react with the chemicals in the air. Once this happens, chipping will begin to appear and tarnish the look of your garage flooring. Once the paint has peeled in this manner, repainting it won’t fix the problem. So, you’ve got to either sand it or replace it.

The same thing can happen to concrete, where the paint can also lift and peel. This also applies to other surfaces exposed to the elements, such as concrete. On the other hand, an MMA resin coating won’t lift or peel on your concrete flooring. It’s waterproof and is capable of retaining its colouration.

3. Resistance to Oil and Other Chemicals

The main reason why you would choose an MMA resin flooring for your garage is that it’s made to withstand harsh chemicals and other fluids. In other words, it’s resistant to oil, gasoline, grease, and other kinds of chemicals. You can also park your car or motorcycle in it without worrying about any form of wear-and-tear from frequent use.

4. No More Scratches and Scrapes

One of the biggest problems with painting your garage is that you’ll be stuck with scratches and scrapes on your floor. It’s inevitable, as it’s impossible to get rid of every piece of dirt, rock and debris.

The good thing about an MMA resin coating, however, is that it’s very easy to clean. You can scrub it off with a solution of mild soap and water. There’s no need to hire anyone to do the cleaning because it’s extremely easy to do the job yourself.

5. High Abrasion Resistance

One of the best parts about MMA resin flooring is its resistance to abrasion, which makes it ideal for high traffic areas. It won’t wear out easily, which is why it’s the perfect choice for flooring in your garage.

In addition, resin flooring also boasts significant impact resistance, meaning that you’re much less likely to create any new cracks, dents or chips in the event that you drop something heavy on it. The fewer cracks and chips, the less maintenance your floor will have to have.


An MMA resin floor coating, such as our own GarageTuff resin, is a great investment you can make for your garage. You’ll be able to get all the benefits that come with it, including its durability, aesthetic appeal and resistance to chemicals.

At Fusion Coatings, we offer our MMA Resin garage flooring services across the UK. Our level of expertise and the quality of our products will ensure your garage flooring looks great and lasts in the long term. Contact us today and our team of experts will help you to arrange a quote.