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If you think that your garage floor is in need of a spruce up, then painting it may be the first option that comes to mind.

Painting the concrete is a quick and easy solution that can instantly change the look of your floor.

However, painting your floor may not be the best option if you want a floor that will last well in the long run.

To learn whether painting your garage floor is the best option for you, continue reading.

The pros

The main advantage of choosing to paint your garage floor is that it is a cheaper option.

You can also choose from a range of colours and the paint is easy to apply, meaning any amateur can paint the floor.

Plus, a painted floor is easy to clean and UV resistant.

The cons

There are, however, some disadvantages to painting your garage floor. This is especially true if you are looking to repurpose your garage, perhaps to turn it into a garage gym.

Floor paint can take a long time to dry, especially in high humidity and low temperatures in winter. The painted floor may also be vulnerable to chemicals and oils which are often found in a garage.

It will generally have poor resistance against common garage spills like grease and is also very sensitive to moisture.

Plus, it is likely that you will have to top up the paint every year to keep it looking fresh.

Consider MMA Resin

If you’re looking for a long-lasting and hard-wearing solution for your garage floor, then MMA Resin garage flooring may be the best option for you.

With a resin system, the floor will be dry in as little as forty-five minutes, meaning you can use your floor again almost straight away.

The coating is extremely resistant to oil, grease, and tyre marks and has anti-slip properties. It is also fully waterproof, UV stable and available in a range of colour blends.

At Fusion Coatings, we are experts in installing resin garage flooring and have our own branded product, Garage Tuff. To learn more about our services, get in touch today.