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Resurfacing your garage floor can be a time-intensive job. Ideally, it’s a job you want to be done in one day, done and dusted for as long as possible.

If a durable, high-quality finish that takes one day to achieve is what you are seeking, then GarageTuff MMA resin flooring might be the correct product for you. It’s a premium quality, long-lasting flooring that has a ten-year lifespan and only takes one day to complete.

Alternative types of flooring, such as paint and epoxy, can peel when driven on by warm tyres, for instance. Furthermore, paint and epoxy typically only have a lifespan of one year.

This means clearing out the garage for another round of resurfacing every 12 months if you want to maintain a clean and premium finish. Though cheaper in the short term, paint and epoxy do not bring long-lasting peace of mind or increased value to your property in comparison to GarageTuff MMA resin.

Other benefits of resin flooring include…

1. The easy life

For some of us, the garage is a space where we store all sorts of clutter, so who wants to tackle that more often than we need to? The garage is also the place where vehicles are securely stored, protecting them from weather and potential theft or break-ins.

Paint and epoxy coatings require at least one day to reach the desired finish per coating, though this can potentially take up to 3 days with epoxy flooring.

With our MMA resin flooring, each coating takes just 45 minutes for installation, helping to minimise any disruption to your garage space.

2. Sturdy and resistant

Garages are often spaces where we store heavy machinery, places where oil and chemicals can be potentially spilt onto the surface below.

Paint and epoxy are not designed to be resistant to chemical damage and impacts from heavy machinery, their finish can be easily spoiled, necessitating constant maintenance in order to maintain a high-quality appearance

Due to the unique composition of MMA resin, spillages do not sink into the resin and damage the floor below. This also makes cleaning far easier, surface spillages can be wiped away without worrying about having to resurface or repair any damages to the structure below.

Likewise, MMA resin is far sturdier and less fragile than epoxy and paint. If your garage is a workshop space, such as a place for refurbishing classic cars, then it is worth considering what the most appropriate flooring options might be for you. Buying cheap can mean having to pay for regular upkeep costs.

3. High-quality finish

GarageTuff is a resin that can be applied in varying levels of thickness, allowing our installers to achieve a flat surface. If you want to set up a pool table, for instance, this is useful.

Paint and epoxy cannot be applied in the same fashion. Paint may offer consumers absolute freedom of choice in terms of colour, but the colour can quickly deteriorate in comparison to resin.

Epoxy flooring does not fair too well at low temperatures, with installation being extremely difficult or even impossible at low temperatures. On the other hand, GarageTuff can be installed at temperatures as low as -25 degrees celsius. It also provides a seamless finish that won’t fade like paint.

4. Freedom

Because of the durable and high-quality nature of our MMA resin, your garage can become a workspace, workshop, games room, whatever you like. An anti-slip layer can also be applied to the resin which will protect you if the surface becomes wet.

If your garage gets a lot of direct sunlight, ultraviolet protection can be added to the surface of the resin, which helps to further increase its durability and longevity.

5. Contact us today for a quote

At Fusion Coatings, we can provide installation services across the whole of the UK, so whether you’re in Cornwall or Aberdeen, we can bring our high-quality products and installation service to your home now.

If you’re considering upgrades for your garage flooring, and you’d like to arrange a quote, click here and our specialist team of experts will be happy to assist you.