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A lot of people make the mistake of treating their garage as an afterthought – a place on the side of the house where they can dump their tools and garden furniture. Instead, you can easily turn your garage into a functional workshop, starting with the floor.

GarageTuff is the perfect floor for a workshop. The resin is quick to lay and, once installed, will be dry within an hour (you can walk on it in forty-five minutes). It’s a seamless lay so there’s no lumps, bumps and gaps in the finish. It will dry flat and will be a suitable surface for workbenches and tools requiring a level floor.

A workshop needs a floor that’s easy to look after

The easy to clean nature of the floor means it’s a perfect place to perform woodwork, metalwork or motor repairs. Any waste materials such as sawdust and off-cuts can be swept up and tidied easily, plus the double coat of sealant we use on install makes the surface easy to clean and stain-resistant. If you spill oil on the floor, for example, you can clean it easily using Resinclean.

Exactly how tough is GarageTuff?

You can park your car on the resin floor without causing damage. You can also put heavy benches and tools directly on the floor without a problem, unlike concrete which can crack and break easily if it hasn’t been laid correctly. The GarageTuff floor will withstand impact, so you can use a variety of heavy-duty tools in your workshop without concern.

Health and safety considerations…

GarageTuff has anti-slip properties, so in case you’re walking around the workshop with heavy tools, buckets and the like you won’t go slipping all over the place. It’s an important aspect for peace of mind when carrying potentially dangerous objects or when trying to navigate around a room with a lot of items in.

Variety of finishes available

There are a number of flake and colour finishes available with GarageTuff, so you won’t be stuck with one single colour. You can adjust the look to suit your space – nobody said workshops had to be dull!

With one simple upgrade you can turn a forgotten room in your house into a really useful workshop.

At Fusion Coatings, we do installations across all of the UK. Contact us today and our friendly team will happily help you arrange a quote.