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Do you remember when you first bought your house? The garage was going to be your space. A place of solace in your busy house. Somewhere you could escape the chaos, drink a beer and have the boys round. Then all too quickly it became a dumping ground for old storage. Boxes of junk overtook the space you once had so many ideas for. Cold concrete flooring made it feel cold and uninviting. If you’ve always dreamed of a man cave but don’t know where to start, we have you covered.

Garage Flooring

The first thing to address is the flooring. A resin garage floor can transform the space into a room. Garage floor paint is also commonly used but comes with drawbacks. Garage floor solutions need to eliminate moisture. Resin is a better option if you want to turn your garage into any kind of room. Flooring like our GarageTuff MMA Resin flooring is an ideal solution. In just one day it transforms cold, damp, uneven surfaces, into a wonderfully smooth and decorative floor.

Garage Lighting

Lighting is crucial in the mancave, You will need some big lights around the room to make the space feel bright and airy. Strip lights should be the first thing to be removed. Well placed LED’s and low lights help to make the space feel cosy. No one wants to chill with the big light on. Lighting should match the mood you’re trying to set. Think about the style of man cave you’re aiming for when installing lighting.

Garage Insulation

Let’s face it, no one wants to sit in the cold. Portable heaters are a great option and will probably be needed in winter. Great insulation is a necessity if you plan to make the garage a room. The walls and doors need to be covered. The best way to install insulation is by using a professional. If you install a resin floor you will have insulation already built into the floor. At Fusion Coatings, we cover the whole of the UK. Contact us for a resin floor quote today.