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Are you on the hunt for strong, spill-proof flooring for your garage? GarageTuff MMA resin represents the perfect solution. We offer this robust and fully waterproof technology to help customers make the most of their garage spaces.

What is MMA resin and GarageTuff?

Methyl methacrylate (MMA) resin is an acrylic resin that offers highly versatile flooring solutions for commercial and domestic applications. On top of its amazing strength and durability, MMA resin boasts a superfast curing time that allows customers to resume using the floor only a couple of hours following installation.

GarageTuff is one of the best MMA resin flooring products on the market. It is very quick to install and dries within 45 minutes, making it the best choice for busy homeowners. Whether you use your garage space as a private gymnasium, a car parking spot, or a workshop, rest assured GarageTuff will protect against the spillages, knocks, and accidents of everyday life.

Key reasons to invest in GarageTuff include:

• Resistant to tyre marks

• Waterproof

• Easy to clean using Resinclean products

• UV stable

• Extremely durable

• Resistant to oils and grease

We offer GarageTuff installations in a range of gorgeous colours including sleek greys and cobalt blues. If that isn’t enough, we also offer a 10-year guarantee on all installations to ensure you make the most of your new floor.

Why is MMA resin better than epoxy and garage floor paint?

If you’ve never heard of MMA resin before, you may be considering epoxy resin or traditional floor paint for your garage. While commonly used in homes across the country, these materials are less technologically advanced than MMA resin and do not offer the same benefits.

Here are just a few reasons to select MMA resin over other types of floor coatings:

1. It’s much quicker to install

GarageTuff MMA resin takes only 45 minutes to dry, while epoxy resin and floor paint take around 24 hours to dry. As such, it only takes a couple of hours to install multiple coats of MMA resin – great news if you’re worried about your garage floor being out of action for extended periods of time.

2. It reaches full strength within 45 minutes

Epoxy resin can take up to 72 hours to reach full strength, putting the garage out of action for several days. With MMA resin, you can rest assured that the flooring will be able to handle almost anything within 45 minutes.

3. It’s resistant to tricky spills

Liquids such as oil and grease can be very difficult to remove from painted floors. While epoxy resin offers decent levels of resistance, MMA resin is unparalleled in its resistance to oily liquids.

4. It can be installed at low temperatures

MMA resin can be installed at temperatures as low as -25 degrees Celsius. Epoxy resin, on the other hand, is wholly unsuited to low temperatures, while floor paint doesn’t fare much better.

5. It’s highly UV resistant

While epoxy resin and floor paint offer reasonable protection from UV rays, MMA resin offers very high levels of resistance that will ensure your floor remains looking as good as new for years to come.

6. It tends to come with a long guarantee

Floor paint typically comes without a guarantee, while epoxy resins are usually covered for around a year. With GarageTuff, however, your floor will be guaranteed for a whole decade.

What is the installation process?

Installing GarageTuff is very quick. One of our trained experts will install the flooring in three stages, including:

• Preparing the floor to ensure it is level

• Adding the layers of GarageTuff

• Finishing the floor with a highly durable sealant

What areas do we cover?

At Fusion Coatings, we operate across all of the UK.

Why use Fusion Coatings?

Fusion Coatings is committed to delivering impeccable customer service. With over one thousand garage floor installations under our belts, we’re experts in delivering stunning floors that suit the individual requirements of our clients. We also offer personalised services and are happy to work around your schedule and lifestyle to get the job done.

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