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While we often lavish attention on the living spaces within our homes, areas with lesser usage like garages sometimes require a little TLC too. Whether you simply use it to park your car or want to repurpose it, when refurbishing your garage, considering the flooring first is a wise move.

Designed to house up to one or two vehicles, a garage floor comprises a considerable surface area. This means that its appearance has a significant impact, especially on garage users.

Robust and durable coatings like resin make ideal surfaces for garage flooring. They present a sleek and polished finish and come in many different patterns, styles, and designs. They are also exceptionally easy to care for.

However, the colour you pick for your garage floor can be key. Read on as we explore some important points to consider before selecting the best colour when you update your garage flooring.

Coloured to suit your car

While many garage floors are just concrete or have a coat of plain paint, this doesn’t have to be so. Coloured resin flooring allows you to pick whatever tone or shade you like.

While you may have existing cabinets or wall paint that you’d like to match your floor with, another idea is picking a colour that compliments your car. Selecting neutral tones like greys, silvers, and charcoals can make brightly coloured cars pop, while lighter floors will make darker cars stand out.

Those looking for a more dynamic look and feel should consider contrasting colours. Red cars will look great against green-tinted floors, while blue cars will look bold against warm coloured surfaces like copper tones.

What will the garage be used for

As mentioned, many garages get used for more than just vehicle storage. You might be transforming your garage into a home gym or an office for remote working.

Coloured resin flooring provides a non-slip surface that’s resistant to tire marks. Whether you’re working out or sliding across it on a wheeled desk chair, this means that both you and your garage floor will be well protected.

Featuring decorative colour blends, resin flooring allows you to choose a colour scheme to suit your usage. As a result, you can choose a colour that matches your gym or office equipment with ease, creating a more cohesive look for your garage.

Easy care options

Whether you’re tinkering with your car or motorbike or getting fit in your garage, being able to keep it looking great with ease is always welcome. Picking neutral tones with a speckled pattern can help disguise dirt and debris.

This means that your garage will keep its appearance, and your cleaning duties can stay light.

Adding colour with a resin hardener

When installing a hardwearing resin flooring in their garages, some homeowners will use the traditional method of adding colour. The process involves mixing resin and hardener and then adding paint or dye to colour it.

Unfortunately, this can often have unsatisfactory results, especially when materials are not blended effectively. The final resin flooring may appear patchy and inconsistent, too dull in colour or too saturated. However, this process does not have to be so difficult.

High-quality resin hardeners are available that already contain the correct concentration of colour required for a perfect result. A wide range of colours is available, from dolphin grey to fire brick red and golden glow yellow.

As a result, you’ll be sure to find the look you want for your garage renovation project.

Additionally, resin flooring is also available in many different colour blends to suit your taste.

Do you need expert help with garage flooring upgrades?

To ensure that you get optimum service life from a resin floor, an installation completed by experts is essential.

At Fusion Coatings, we combine our GarageTuff MMA resin system with professional installation teams to offer our customers flooring they can count on.

Operating nationwide, we can help you update your home garage floor no matter where you are in the UK.

All our resin flooring installations come with a 10-year guarantee, so if you’re looking for a solution built-to-last, get in touch. Our dedicated team will be happy to answer any questions you have and give you a quotation for all work to be carried out.