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Uneven garage flooring can be a puddle magnet, especially in winter from spillage, wet tyres, or snowmelt from outdoor gear. The amount of moisture your garage floor has to tolerate and repel shoots up in winter, as does the risk of slipping on unnoticed spills.

To avoid water collecting in uneven areas, you need to eliminate the areas themselves, and that’s where understanding which flooring option to choose comes in.

Should I choose MMA or epoxy to cope with winter spills?

We already know that one of the major drawbacks of an epoxy resin floor is that it can be slippery. Add in the extra challenges of wintery boots, colder temperatures and holiday excitement and the possibility of a slip or fall becomes more prevalent.

Whilst epoxy flooring will do a great job of evening out those lumps and bumps, the fact that the floor will be more slippery negates the benefits of reducing those pesky puddle spots.

MMA resin garage flooring removes this worry. Its anti-slip properties make your garage a safer place to be all year round, and especially in the winter season.

Add in the other benefits, like a super-quick installation time of just 45 minutes, and it’s clear to see how choosing an MMA resin garage floor is a quick and easy way to make your garage a safer place to be all year round.

Safer flooring for years to come

Our GarageTuff MMA garage flooring is guaranteed for ten years, so unlike resin floors or paint, it’s an option that you can lay and forget about – no worries about it degrading or peeling after a year, and no worries about annoying puddle spots appearing.

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