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Are you looking to install new flooring in your home garage? There are three main types of resin commonly used for garage flooring:

– Methyl methacrylate (MMA) resin
– Epoxy resin
– Polyurethane (PU) resin

Each of these resin types has different features that you need to consider when determining the best option for your garage floor. In this blog, we explore the main differences between epoxy, PU and MMA resin on several features to help you make a more informed decision.

Shrinkage and drainage

MMA resin is renowned for its shrink-resistant properties that give homeowners peace of mind that their finished floor is made of reliable material.

On the other hand, PU resin typically requires retention chases to be cut into the floor and at all termination points to offset the shrinkage that occurs once the floor cures. This shrinkage can complicate the installation process and result in performance problems.

When it comes to drainage, epoxy and PU floors need an expansion joint installed in various areas. These joints may create points of weakness in the flooring.

MMA resin can be joined directly to drainage systems, thereby further adding to the reliability and durability of the resin.


Some epoxy formulations are known to become worn easily over time. This leaves the average lifespan of epoxy resin at one year. Although PU resin lasts longer, at around three to five years, the material can become discoloured because of sun or light damage.

MMA resin is UV resistant, which means it’s resistant to discolouration. This resistance also prevents it from becoming brittle with age. Our own GarageTuff MMA resin also boasts a lifespan of 10+ years.

Cure times

The cure time refers to how long it takes before the floor is ready for full use. It’s important to note that resin floors have two cure times. This is because, although they can be walked on after a certain amount of time, chemicals can still be released into the air until the floor reaches full chemical cure.

The physical cure time for MMA resin is 45 minutes, compared to 1-3 days for PU and epoxy resin.

This difference in cure times affects how quickly installation can occur as homeowners need to allot time to the curing process before they can use their garage properly.

Installation speed

Most resin floorings require multiple layers to be installed. As mentioned, MMA resin takes 45 minutes for each coating to fully cure, meaning there is no real downtime between the application of each layer.

Since epoxy and PU resin floors require at least 24 hours between coatings, homeowners need to allot more time to their installation period.

Slip resistance

For epoxy and PU resins, homeowners can expect adequate levels of resistances to common garage spills, such as oils and grease.

That being said, thanks to its superior anti-slip properties, MMA resin provides excellent resistance to a wide variety of different spillages, ensuring maximum safety and minimising potential flooring damage.

Bonding technology

Epoxy and PU resins achieve only a mechanical bond between the application layers. This means that each layer only sticks to the one underneath it.

As thermoplastics, MMA resins achieve a chemical bond between applied layers. This means that each layer is chemically fused to the one underneath, creating a monolithic finish.

Installation temperature

It can be hard to control room temperature when installing flooring, so a material that can withstand various temperatures is preferable.

MMA resin can be installed at a minimum temperature of -25°C. However, epoxy and PU resins require manufacturers to guarantee that the room temperatures is no less than 5-10°C and to aim for a temperature of approximately 20°C. If PU and epoxy resins are installed at temperatures below 5°C, the installation process becomes highly compromised.

If you’re looking for the most long-term and cost-effective solution for your garage flooring, MMA resin is the right choice for you.

We are a garage flooring company based in Buckinghamshire, providing installation services across the UK. For more information or if you’d like to arrange a quote, get in touch with our team of friendly experts today.