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If you have a garage that doesn’t get much use, you may have considered transforming it into a home gym.

Having a gym within your own home has so many great benefits. It saves you hundreds a year on a gym membership and means you get complete privacy while you work out.

But before jumping into a garage gym renovation, continue reading to learn the most important things you should consider.

Evaluate the space

The first step in creating your perfect garage gym is to evaluate the space you have. Start by measuring the floor space so you can work out how much machinery you can fit in.

Now is also the perfect time to have a clear out. Sort out any junk into piles of what should be thrown away and what needs to find a new home.

Then, give your garage a deep clean; it will already be feeling like a new space at this point.

Deciding on equipment

Once your space is emptied, it is time to start deciding on what gym equipment you will buy. Some home gym owners decide to kit out their garage with all of the equipment that is at their local gym.

However, this type of equipment can be expensive, so it is important to consider what is really essential for you, and what you can go without.

Think about what you like to do most at the gym and which areas of your body you are looking to train. If you only like to weight train, then perhaps a treadmill isn’t the best investment.

Robust flooring

Before moving all of your new equipment into your gym, you need to ensure that you have appropriate flooring.

Traditional garage flooring options include paint and epoxy flooring. However, resin floors are becoming increasingly popular, due to their durable finish, quick drying time and resistance to grease.

Choosing a resin floor will ensure that your garage gym is both practical and also looks the part.

Fusion Coatings are highly experienced in transforming garage floors.

Our GarageTuff MMA resin system is specifically designed for garage floors, giving you a hard-wearing and seamless garage gym floor in no time.

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