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Do you want to get in shape at home?

Have you thought about turning an unused garage into a gym?

Having a designated room for exercising is really helpful when it comes to finding motivation for working out. Your garage gym will undoubtedly be different from the regular gym – even if you’ve got the money to spend on a few machines. Here are some ideas for what to put in your garage gym, and what exercises to do with them!

Resin flooring

The first thing to remember for your garage gym is the right flooring. Dropping weights on epoxy flooring will damage it after a while – which is why we recommend Resin flooring – more specifically, we recommend our Garagetuff MMA resin, which can be installed in a single day. Make sure that you sort out your garage gym floor before installing any other equipment!

Squat rack

If you like working your legs and glutes, and can afford to, why not invest in a squat rack? Doing so will help you gradually increase your squat weight, just as you would do in the gym.


You may also want another barbell that you can keep as a weight for arm, back and chest exercises. This is the weight that you will most frequently drop to the floor after exercise, which is where it’s important to have resin flooring!


No gym is complete without some dumbells. These smaller weights help to sculpt individual muscles throughout your body, and can be used for a range of moves. Again, you may drop these to the floor after use – so make sure that you have your resin flooring in place where you use them!

Resistance bands

Resistance bands only entered the workout scene a few years ago, but they’ve already proved themselves to be one of the best gym companions. With a resistance band you can do all of your standard exercises, but add a bit more tension and get more from your workout! They’re cheap and easy to move around, so make sure that you put some in your home gym.

Hopefully, this guide has helped you envisage your garage gym, and has given you some ideas about workouts to do from home. Contact us today and our friendly team will help arrange a quote for that all-important resin flooring upgrade!