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Often considered cold and dusty storage spaces, many garages are also missed opportunities. With a premium garage flooring option, architects can transform a garage into a space with endless possibilities and improve client satisfaction.

What are the options for garage flooring?

Garage floor paint and epoxy are commonly used finishes, with resin flooring praised as the most durable, premium option. The decision will depend on whether the garage will be another glorified shed, or if it is destined to fulfil aspirations as a gym space, workshop or even an extra living space.

What are the benefits of a premium floor?


While paint is the cheapest option, epoxy and resin offer more resistance to water, oil and grease leaks, plus they won’t be as affected by exposure to UV light and weather conditions. If you’re looking for durability, however, a resin garage floor is the answer. Not only does it cope better than epoxy with these issues, but it also won’t peel under warm car tyres and is tough enough to deal with the rigours of being a gym.


Better still, resin flooring is quick and simple to apply. That means it won’t hold up work on the rest of the construction and interior fit-out. Plus, it’s very easy to keep clean, making it the ideal flooring for any utility space that is going to undergo a range of rigorous usage.

Satisfied homeowners

Durability plus ease of maintenance means the garage is a more versatile space, which means added value to your home design. It also translates into happy homeowners and those involved in the design and fit-out because it dries quickly so work isn’t stalled.

Which is easiest to apply?

A resin garage floor – such as Fusion Coatings’ GarageTuff – has the quickest and easiest application process. Most commonly installed by experienced specialists, each coat needs only forty-five minutes to dry, meaning the entire floor can be completed and at full strength within a single day. Epoxy and painted garage floors take at least twenty-four hours to dry, which can cause costly delays, whilst neither can match GarageTuff’s ten-year warranty.

Is it best to work with a specialist?

Specialists are the best way to get the highest quality and an outcome that you can trust. A partnership with Fusion Coatings is a sure-fire way to ensure that big plans for a garage can be achieved, adding another dimension to an architect’s designs and enhancing client satisfaction. Simply get in touch with Fusion Coating’s expert team to start a partnership and take your home design to the next level.