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As an extension to your home, choosing the right garage flooring is vital. Enduring extensive wear and tear from foot traffic and vehicles, MMA resin is becoming a popular choice for garage floor solutions in the home. Let’s explore a few reasons why:

Fast installation

When it comes to managing your home, time is of the essence. It would help if you had fast solutions that won’t take up an entire weekend, which is why resin garage floors have become increasingly popular in residential areas.

Unlike an epoxy garage floor or paint that take several days to install, methyl methacrylate (MMA) resins take under an hour to set and allow the addition of any extra coats.

Plus, you can install resin at temperatures down to minus twenty-five degrees Celsius meaning you can purchase them all year round, unlike garage floor paint which requires warm, dry conditions.


A resin garage floor provides a durable surface for your storage, parking, and workout needs. With a thickness of up to four millimetres and an excellent resistance to UV, moisture, and oil, MMA resin floors will not peel when driven over with warm tyres, unlike paint and epoxy coatings.

Additionally, at Fusion Coatings, we provide a guarantee for ten years as an assurance of our quality product.

Stylish appearance

With both epoxy and resin flooring, you get a smooth finish and uniform coating that will give your home garage a professional touch.

You can choose from a range of neutral colours; however, most resin floorings tend to have a grainy effect while epoxy looks more marbled.

If you’re working out in your space, then a suitable garage gym floor is vital, keeping your garage looking great and creating a safe surface with the resin’s slip-resistant finish.

Overall, the current trend for resin garage flooring stems from its speedy installation and cure time as well as its sturdiness and chic finish.

Saving time on labour costs, too, this style of flooring offers a cost-effective solution for homeowners nationwide.

At Fusion Coatings, we offer garage floor solutions that suit your needs. We work across the UK to bring our superior Garagetuff MMA resin to homes and residential properties, so get in touch today by calling our expert team.